About me

nicole hoschke

Nicole Hoschke

Sunshine coast Award winning Portrait Photographer.



Bachelor of Fine Art

Diploma photography

Advanced Diploma in visual art

Diploma painting

Diploma acting

20 years artist 


2018 Rise International Photography Award Silver - Maternity

2018 Rise International Photography Award Silver - Maternity

2018 Rise International Photography Award Bronze - Maternity

2018 BW Childs Photo Competition first half - Fine Art Portrait - Nominee

2018 CPC Portrait Awards - Fine Art Portrait - April - Honorable Mention

A photoshoot with me, is all about beauty and connection. Finding the lens, light and angles that make the perfect image, capturing those candid moments, and creating a situation where you feel confident and looked after is my job. An afternoon of making time with loved ones, to have those special cuddles, where the smiles come from the heart. Creating beautiful memories and images that last for ever.

I believe in the importance and value of a home filled with images of families having cuddles and cherishing each other. I believe in the value of using another skilled and knowledgeable artist to capture flattering and beautiful images of ourselves.  I believe these images that we surround ourselves with and decorate our homes with deeply affect how we, and our loved ones feel both about ourselves, each other, and the family. 

In my imagery I try and capture the mood, emotion and beauty of the individual, their vulnerabilities, strengths, hopes and dreams.

Living and working on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, I specialise in location and studio portraiture. In each session something magical happens as the individual reveals their story or an aspect of themselves. I love being witness to, capturing and portraying that in a very special and individual photograph.

Iā€™m patient and personable with both children and adults alike, and I look to make each session a memorable and enjoyable experience that will be a treasured celebration.

I love the emotional and the romantic, and I would love to create magical imagery for yourself or your loved ones worthy of printing and sharing.