Fine Art Children Photography - Staged

A Fine Art Portrait should be one that correctly captures the individual being photographed, but also adds a story that compliments their personality. I aim to create works that are not like ordinary photographs that we take of our selves or our loved ones, but are special and unique, and show the subject slightly in another world.

In my Fine Art sessions, I treat the individual being photographed much like they are sitting for a painting portrait. I make sure they are comfortable, and create a beautiful flattering lighting set up, that brings out their features. I then gently guide them in their pose and expression.

I aim to create a few different looks that involve changes in lighting, clothing and mood. This creates a gallery that is varied and beautiful. 

Capturing expressions that are genuine and innocent is my goal, and as the subject relaxes and becomes used to being photographed their beautiful personality emerges.

These images will be kept throughout the individuals whole lifetime. As they grow and change, they will look back on them, and their families will keep and cherish them always.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in a Fine Art Portrait session, just contact me and we can plan something magical.

Home visit newborn session for Jagger

A look into my world of newborn photography.

These sessions are done as home visits, just after the baby has arrived home, or if a home birth, when the family feels ready. The best time for a newborn session is around day 6, but best before 2 weeks old.

The session takes about 3 hours, and I bring all the necessary equipment and props. All that is needed is a few metres of available space either next to good natural light, or a bit more room for me to set up my studio lights.

Every session I do I make at least 1 fine art portrait, with the idea that it is a stand alone artwork, perfect for printing large as a precious portrait for the home. My equipment and quality of editing, allows for large format printing with incredible details to explore.

Detailed crop of previous image.

A newborn session is a morning time spent gently moving and positioning your baby into safe and comfortable poses. The gallery of images that I make for my clients home is designed to work together in colour and tone, but especially aimed at capturing the little ones individual cuteness. 

In this session, little baby Jagger slept soundly the whole time, a very relaxed little guy. His mum said he was always peaceful in the womb as well, so the personality is there from the earliest moments. 

I love to use a window light that I softly diffuse, it creates an intimate and timeless portrait of the parents and baby.

I take my time to capture and pose the parents and baby, so that each individual is conveying their beauty and personality.  I always edit in a flattering but natural manner, creating a stunning image that shows love in the gaze.

I love to capture some storytelling in my portraits, creating stunning art works worthy of  printing, and keeping in the home for many years.

Getting those cute little portraits of the baby in a bonnet frames their features beautifully, and the baby loves being wrapped up on my soft posing beanbag.

Any siblings or pets, are included in this special time of portraits. The session is always very exciting for all of the family, and I love to record this special time for them too.

I often create a fine art image of the baby in a hanging nest, where the baby is added into a separate image in post production. The baby is comfortably and safely captured in a cute curling pose, on my posing beanbag, and added to a second image later, which is of a hanging nest. This way there is no stress or danger of dropping them, and magical images can be created. 

If you are considering using me for your newborn photography session please visit my galleries or review tab on facebook, to see all the happy clients I have had the pleasure of serving, and please contact me with any questions you may have. Its a big decision as to who to use for capturing your images, and Im happy to take the time to talk, to make sure you are comfortable with your choice.

fine art photography - stillness

Artists Bio

I am an artist based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Living with my 2 growing up children and husband /spiritual partner. My home is filled with animals, art and creativity.

The deconstructing and reconstructing quality of creating artworks has been a part of my adult life, as it is in my artistic process. The balance of seeking stillness and quiet observation brings the space needed to see the world in flux and be comfortable with that groundlessness.

I have always had a strong spiritual life, exploring paths of meditation and metaphysical healing processes. My path now is following my teacher’s guidance in Tibetan Buddhism. Combining stillness, compassion and wisdom, my practice now involves endeavouring to uncover the way we perceive and create our world, in the most fundamental creative process.

The way to achieve this wisdom, is using the foundation of stillness, with a compassionate and wise heart. To witness the ultimate creation, how we exist, is for me the highest art.

My artworks attempt to share with the viewer this experience of stillness, and the qualities and balance of heart and mind that are played with in meditation.

Jessica's Maternity Home Visit and beach Location Session

Home visit and Location maternity session for beautiful Jessica and her baby bump.

When possible I like to combine a studio look and location shoot. It brings a variety to the gallery being produced, and the experience for the client is one of relaxing into being photographed, and going on a journey of discovery about themselves.

Divine family portraits - studio style

An afternoon spent with family, having portraits taken together and individually. Showing beauty, character and connections. A treasure to keep for always, and beautiful, meaningful images for our homes walls. 

Book now for a magical session. In home visit, mobile studio. Makeup and hair styling is also available. 

Fine Art Children Photography

My fine art childrens portraiture sessions allow me to explore my passion for simple traditional portraiture. I especially love to discover and capture the child's innocence, allowing their vulnerability to shine through,  making the most divine portraits. 

A childs gaze can melt the heart and uplift the spirit.

Giving young teenagers and children a positive self image is so important to me, I believe they benefit so much from seeing this beautiful vision of themselves, that I see through my images. These positive images stay with them, and they carry them in their hearts, building their self esteem and belief in themselves. 

The sessions are carried out with a simple studio light and backdrop. I style and pose the child as needed, with 2-4 changes of clothing, and gently encourage and guide them, in a session where they get to feel special, and cared for. 

My style is serene, and full of beauty, and romance. Influenced by the renaissance artists, I convey an old worldly atmosphere, combined with a contemporary and genuine portrait of who the child is with their own personal style.

Please enquire if you have a special little someone in your life, who you would love to see some magical portraits of. 

Hannahs Birthday Party

A special event birthday celebration for Hannah, where her friends decorated her beautiful home with lights and love. 

I covered the event, in a documentary fashion, where I tried to capture the ordinary moments as they arose. Catching smiles and connections, special cuddles mixed in with some group posing.

The lights made my job incredibly easy, as every shot was covered in a glowing moody lighting with interesting background and foreground details. I chose not to use any flash lighting as I wanted to capture the lights and their effect as it was naturally. 

Cesarean birth captured.

I had the privelege to capture the cesearean birth of a little one and his beautiful family last week. 

I found the whole experience amazing. So wonderful to follow the journey of this loving couple as they nervously awaited the surgery and the arrival of their new little bundle of joy. 

The whole procedure seemed so peaceful and calm, the staff were incredibly helpful, generous, kind and surprisingly joyous! 

I felt honoured and exhilarated to be there to record the first moments of this little newborns life. 

A special gift for Indie

Indie is a beautiful little girl just celebrating her 5th birthday. Sadly Indie was diagnosed with Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy which is a degenerative disorder that affects the brain and nervous system. Life expectancy is very short. As a special gift to her and her family I was asked to help create some magical images that this lovely family could treasure.

I wanted to give them some special images, that would last forever, but also I wanted to make the experience a special morning of feeling cared for and loved, and would celebrate their love as a family. What better way than to lie down in a bed of roses, on a soft fur! 

Indie was so beautiful and peaceful as she lay there and I surrounded her with red velvety roses and petals, and she quietly watched. 

Her mother is experiencing the most hardest of challenges, facing all that she is. She is looking after Indie on her own, not an easy task as Indie is quite paralyzed,  and looking after her little 2 year old aswell. I was deeply affected by her peace and strength.

You can follow little Indie and her lovely families journey on her facebook page : Indie's fight against INAD.  

Indie's Gofundme page

HMUA : Erin Fedele

Flowers by : Magnolia Grove Flowers.

Holly's Family Photography

Simply beautiful session with this sweet loving family down on the sunshine coast, during the warmer weather.

A few cuddles, and some water play produced these natural family portraits. Its all about the cuddles.

Water series maternity

Some very exciting new directions are taking place at the moment with my photography. Im at the point where I know how to make women look beautiful, Im comfortable with all types, and styles of shooting, and now for me what is becoming my most important focus is how can I convey the emotions and beauty of being pregnant. This and the very warm weather the sunshine coast is currently going through led me to wanting to create maternity sessions in water.

I wanted to create images that show the floating dreamlike feeling experienced during pregnancy, and the timelessness of those special few months.

Flowing fabric as an element in images has always been a special love of mine, mix that with how it moves on a very curvy body, in the water, and the images created are magical! 

Vogue Glamour

This vogue style shoot for me was about showing a woman as alluring and beautiful, I wanted to show her vulnerability, and connection in a natural way.

I believe when capturing a woman's beauty, she simply has to look in the lens with a genuineness; it creates a beautiful expression, and posing becomes natural, finding her own way, then she is stunning. 

Dry ice mist bath

This amazing imagery was so rewarding to create. The dry ice releases this cool mist and when the subject simply lies down in it, it creates the most dreamy images. 

I love the level of colour and depth achieved, the images become works of art, definitely worthy of printing and exhibiting.

Each image is created in layers has many composited elements, giving the images a level of exquisite beauty.

These images were created at a boudoir session, but any type of clothing can be worn, a beautiful glamorous couture gown would be perfect. Cant wait for my next shoot!