fine art photography - stillness

Artists Bio

I am an artist based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia. Living with my 2 growing up children and husband /spiritual partner. My home is filled with animals, art and creativity.

The deconstructing and reconstructing quality of creating artworks has been a part of my adult life, as it is in my artistic process. The balance of seeking stillness and quiet observation brings the space needed to see the world in flux and be comfortable with that groundlessness.

I have always had a strong spiritual life, exploring paths of meditation and metaphysical healing processes. My path now is following my teacher’s guidance in Tibetan Buddhism. Combining stillness, compassion and wisdom, my practice now involves endeavouring to uncover the way we perceive and create our world, in the most fundamental creative process.

The way to achieve this wisdom, is using the foundation of stillness, with a compassionate and wise heart. To witness the ultimate creation, how we exist, is for me the highest art.

My artworks attempt to share with the viewer this experience of stillness, and the qualities and balance of heart and mind that are played with in meditation.