Zia's fineart session

Fine art children’s photography with Zia.

Zia is an incredibly talented and passionate dancer, taking on all life has to offer. I wanted to capture her vibrancy and beautiful connective gaze. As Zia is also interested in acting and modelling I was interested in capturing a portfolio for these areas of her creative life.

A fine art photography session working with creative individuals allows me to create imagery more dreamy and whimsical, triggering more emotive expressions in the client.

Using studio lighting, and the best equipment, and knowledge, allows me to capture incredibly detailed and honest imagery that are simply breathtaking and unlike any images ordinarily captured.

A fine art photography session is a memorable and heart nourishing time for the client, weather they are wanting to create an acting/modelling portfolio, or just wishing to explore there own creativity.

Please contact me with any questions to start planning your session today.