Frequently asked questions



I dont know how to stand, or pose, can you show me what to do? 

Yes, I totally direct you, and guide you to the most flattering angles, hand positions and poses. I help guide you with what to wear. I gently, and with confidence direct you so the genuine and connective expressions are captured.


Can you take images of all my family, is that extra?

I take all the family pictures, it is included in the price quoted. I take all the combinations, and for the family sessions I take individual portraits as well. And yes, your family pet is most welcome, and always makes the session very special. 


How long will my images take to get to me? 

Your images will be ready in approximately 2-3 weeks. 


If my family is sick, or the whether is raining (for location sessions) or my newborn has not arrived yet, can we reschedule?

Yes, I am always happy to reschedule.


I dont know any locations I want my session at, can you help?

Yes, I can suggest a few locations for you to choose from, depending on your preferences for the style, and location on the coast or surrounding hinterland.


For the home visit session, how much space will be needed?

I need a few metres space, next to a good source of natural light, or a bit more room, if its dark, for my strobe lights.


Im wanting to book a newborn session, can you tell me about what to expect in the session.

No problem, please refer to the detailed information on my newborn services page. 


I want to book a session, what do I need to do?

All that is needed is some dates you're interested in booking around, or a due date (if for pregnancy/newborn), a deposit of 20% is required as a holding deposit, (fully refundable if session is cancelled more than 14 days prior to session) then we can start arranging details of location, and styling. 


Im wanting digital files, as I will print them myself also, can you do that? 

I do supply the digital files, however if you print your images in other printing stores, I cannot guarantee the quality of prints, or your experience.

I always suggest using my services for printing as all the necessary resizing and adjustments are made by me. I use archival printing products, and trust the printers I use to achieve the best quality. It is also easier for you, as all the technical knowledge required to print is taken care of. 

In any collection you purchase from me, your images will be given to you as high resolution files, (so you can get enlargements should you wish to) and also as low resolution files for sharing digitally.


please contact me, if you have any further questions.