newborns and babies

The most precious of ages, as it only lasts such a short time, but is the very beginning of so much love and tenderness that lasts a lifetime. I love everything about these little beings, and love being there to capture them in their tiny beauty. 

I have personally found that Newborn sessions work best and are the least disturbing to your baby the earlier they can take place, so I aim to do the session on day 6. However sometimes this is not possible and I am able to still capture your newborn images up until day 20.

Baby sessions can be of any age, but particular favourites are sitter age (around 6 months) or first birthday.

See below for newborn session details



Please note that all the images in this gallery are from Deluxe sessions, if interested in Newborn Basic session please see my lifestyle page, for examples.


Newborn photography

My style is quite minimal and timeless.

I create natural and heartfelt images in a flattering and minimal setting. The focus is on capturing you and your baby using your natural body language, creating an intimate moment of connection and tenderness. In bubs solo images they are never forced into unnatural poses, I dont use elaborate props or styling, instead the aim is to show bub in all their natural tiny precious cuteness. Keeping the editing natural but flattering.


Session details:

The session takes approximately 3 hours, with 2 hours of shooting time. Leaving lots of time for setting up studio, and settling and caring of your baby.

The home visit requires your address, phone number, and approximately 2 -3 metres of space, for setting up a posing pod and either studio lights or the use of good natural light.


  Sibling, parents and pet shots are all included and encouraged.

There is no need for worries of wetting etc, as everything is covered and all washable.


Setting a time: 

I endeavour to be setting up as baby is having a feed and then settling baby for a sleep and starting the shoot. So the day before I check if baby is following any pattern of feeding and sleeping and we set a time based on that.


Soothing baby:

In cooler weather I use a little heater to keep them warm and comfortable, and it is good if the room is comfortably warm.

White noise sound can be played, to cover any noises and helps to soothe baby into a dreamy state.

There is plenty of time for settling your baby and feeding and changing them as they need. 

I either start with their solo shots on my posing pod or family cuddles, depending on how settled your baby is.


Booking details:

If you think you'd love to celebrate your beautiful newborn with this photoshoot, just contact me and Let me know your due date for your baby’s’ arrival, and we will make a tentative booking for 6 days after. (this day is moved as needs be when you deliver.)


 maternity, and first visit also available. 

Package deals are also available, please just ask.


Looking forward to meeting and photographing your little newborn.